SplashBond™ is a unique, underwater repair epoxy which displaces water and bonds permanently to wet surfaces. SplashBond™ was developed specifically as a corrosion barrier for use in splash zones under active cathodic protection. SplashBond™ can be applied above or below the waterline.

PPR-2™ (Pipe Primer)

Pipe Prime (PPR-2™) is an epoxy-based paste used as an adhesive or coating. Pipe Prime can be applied to wet surfaces with a solvent-free formulation to ensure safety and maximum performance. This proprietary formula applies easily and cures quickly for maximum efficiency.

EP-400 Epoxy Stick

EP-400 is a kneadable reinforced epoxy putty that hardens within minutes. This epoxy is tough, durable and adheres to a wide range of surfaces. EP-400 comes in 4-ounce sticks and can be drilled or machined within an hour. Use it to bond, seal, plug, mold or rebuild surfaces. The epoxy withstands temperatures up to 500°F and hardens under water.


ECN-633 is a 100% solid epoxy adhesive coating for applications requiring resistance to harsh environments. ECN-633 is ideal for use as a protective coating for concrete and steel. This epoxy can be applied in cool damp conditions and forms a virtual moisture barrier. It sets in 20 minutes and cures fully in 24 hours.