There’s nothing worse than seeing a pipe leak — rightfully so. From pinhole water leaks to corrosive chemical leaks, Pipe Wrap’s leak repair systems alleviate your concerns.

Keep Leak Repair Kits on hand for temporary repairs. Our custom designed systems can be used for longer-term repairs, or for corrosive chemical environments.  Composite repairs are NOT appropriate for all conditions.  Contact us today for a repair evaluation.

Pipe Wrap - Main

Pipe Wrap® is a fast, easy to use, durable, and cost-effective leak repair system. This resin-impregnated fiberglass adheres to PVC, fiberglass, concrete, and all metal pipes.


Our all-inclusive Emergency Pipe Repair Kit (EPRK) stops active leaks up to 300 psi.  This system installs within 15 minutes, and can be kept on hand for quick and easy temporary leak repairs.

Ridge Back

The RidgeBack™ leak repair system provides concentrated clamping force to stop active leaks up to 150 psi.  The system is suitable for chemical handling and withstands temperatures to 250° F.

Active Leak Repair Kit

Active Leak Repair Kit (ALRK) is a compression seal system that provides a rapid response for low-pressure active leaks up to 75 psi.

Leak Stop

The LeakStop™ clamping system to stop active leaks up to 100 psi.  The system installs rapidly, is suitable for chemical handling and withstands temperatures to 250° F

Pipe Wrap Residential Kit

The same system used for industrial leak repair is available for the home. The kit comes ready for fast and easy DIY leak repairs.