Pipe Wrap
  • Quick to Set – Easy To Use
  • Stops Leaks Up to 450 psi
  • Drinking Water Safe
  • Bonds to Any Pipe



Pipe Wrap® is a fast, easy-to-use, durable, and cost-effective pipe repair system. This resin impregnated fiberglass tape adheres to PVC, fiberglass, concrete, and all metal pipes. Pipe Wrap® is resistant to heat and harsh chemicals. Pipe Wrap® repairs leaks up to 450 psi, and protects against corrosion, abrasion, and impact.

Pipe Wrap® stops leaks on all pipes, works underwater and is available in various sizes. Pipe Wrap® is compliant for drinking water safety (ANSI/NSF 61). This versatile product comes ready to use — it requires no mixing or measuring. Keep some on hand for emergencies.

  • No special tools required – sets in 30 minutes.
  • Conforms to any shape – elbows, tees, and flanges.
  • Works on wet or dry surfaces . . . even underwater!

Pipe Wrap® is a highly versatile system, widely used for temporary and semi-permanent leak repairs and surface protection. The system is used heavily in tough process piping applications – petroleum refineries, chemical handling, and mining applications.

Technical Data

Mechanical Properties
Attribute Method Value
Tensile Modulus ASTM D3039 659,206 psi
Compression Modulus ASTM D695 53,450 psi
Poisson's Ratio ASTM D3039 0.150
Thermal Properties
Attribute Method Value
Thermal Expansion ASTM E831 28.8 μm/m/C°
Heat Resistance - up to 400°F
Application Temperatures - 45°F to 120°F   7°C to 49°C
System Properties
Attribute Value
Ply Thickness 19 mils (0.48 mm)
Working Time 3-5 minutes at ambient
Cure Time 30 minutes at ambient
Shelf Life 2 years
Available Widths 2, 4, 5 and 6 inches

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  1. Surface Preparation

    De-pressurize pipe, remove all soft coatings and prepare pipe surface (NACE-3 minimum). Wipe the surface with a solvent such as Acetone, Toluene, or MEK.

  2. Plug the Leak

    Mix the epoxy putty until uniform in color and use to plug the leak(s). Smooth the putty to avoid sharp edges – shape the filler to the profile of the pristine pipe. Mix and apply adhesive primer to the repair zone.

  3. Apply Pipe Wrap®

    Remove the Pipe Wrap® from the foil pouch and immerse in water for 3-5 seconds. Wrap the material around the pipe – apply uniform tension by pulling tight during the application.

  4. Complete Installation

    Grip and massage the resin back into the wrap until hardened (3-5 minutes). Wait 30 minutes before re-pressurizing the pipe. A top coat may be applied after two hours.